Mrs U's story

Compensation provided after specimen due for cancer testing discarded

Mrs U had suffered years of psychological harm which negatively impacted her family relationships, work activities and social life after a hospital accidentally discarded a specimen which was due to be sent for cancer testing. She turned to Ally Taft, Partner and Head of Clinical Negligence to assist with her claim.

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A woman converses with a nurse in a waiting room, discussing her concerns.

Natalie's story

Damages recovered following failed implant surgery

Natalie opted to have implant surgery, only to find out following the surgery that both of the implants had flipped. Natalie turned to Associate Fahmidah Ali for advice and support.

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Brenda's story

Closure found after failure to act on abnormal results led to delay in diagnosis

Brenda was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and passed away a year later, earlier than she would have if she had been treated appropriately. Brenda and her family came to Medical Accident Group to seek justice.

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Mrs P's story

Compensation following delay in fractured wrist diagnosis

Mrs P has arthritis and had previously injured her left wrist. The wrist fracture moved, but this was not picked up until much later.

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Elaine's story

Errors in spinal surgery left patient paralysed

Elaine was a business owner and had a very active lifestyle, but an MRI scan had found spondylosis of the spine. Although her symptoms were limited, Elaine was told she needed an operation to stop it from getting any worse, to which she agreed. However, when she awoke from the surgery, she was paralysed from the armpits down.

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George's story

Compensation after fatal delayed diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Proper investigation into George’s health would have led to recovery, avoided the need for such extensive surgery and an average life expectancy. Sadly, George tragically died of cancer at home, causing immense pain and heartache for his family.

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Lily's story

Patient left physically and mentally scarred after misdiagnosis for abdominal pain

Years of complications and dismissals led to the removal of an appendix mass. Now Lily is left with major scarring to her abdomen and a fear of eating; she turned to Amrit Dhaliwal of Medical Accident Group to help with her claim.

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Michael's story

Cancerous growth dismissed by hospital staff

Michael sadly passed away in September 2018 due to cancer of the face and neck. His family have asked Medical Accident Group to assist in the investigation of a clinical negligence claim to seek justice and compensation.

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William's story

Negligence and misdiagnosis led to avoidable death and devastation for family

What was thought to be a stomach bug tragically turned fatal for William, who passed away less than 48 hours after showing symptoms. His wife, Sue, wanted answers and came to Amrit Dhaliwal at Medical Accident Group for help.

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Mrs P's story

Substantial settlement for cancer patient paves way for new future

In 2019 Mrs P went to A&E on advice of her GP, feeling bloated, sick and in pain. After a brief examination, the doctor suggested an x-ray and then an enema. Following this, she was advised to go home.

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John's story

Successful outcome thanks to solicitor’s understanding and instruction of experts

When John suffered because of medical negligence, he turned to Medical Accident Group’s Amrit Dhaliwal for guidance.

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Deborah's story

NHS Trust’s multiple failures of care led to avoidable death of patient

Deborah died of cancer at home in January 2019 after months of discomfort, pain and distress. Tragically, it was all avoidable. Her family contacted Medical Accident Group, who got them the answers they needed.

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Paramedic on dutry walking out of an ambulance

Caroline's story

Paramedics’ care fell below the standards expected and led to an avoidable death

Paramedics didn’t spot Caroline had sepsis until it was too late. Medical Accident Group secured an apology and compensation from the NHS trust for Caroline’s husband.

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Karen's Story

Cancer spread during delay in diagnosis

Karen was told that a growth was benign when it was in fact cancerous; while she waited for it to be removed, the cancer spread so that her condition became terminal.

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nurse and patient

Marion's Story

“Fantastic conclusion” brings peace of mind for family

Marion turned to Medical Accident Group’s Fahmidah Ali for help, advice and support following her treatment for lymphoma. An expert oncologist was called upon, who identified that, during her diagnosis and treatment, her entire salivary gland had been removed when only a small amount actually needed to have been taken away. 

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Mark's Story

Misdiagnosis at birth left man with lifelong problems

Mark was diagnosed shortly after he was born with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), a rare genetic condition, and treated for 10 years with steroids. But when he was 10 years old, it was discovered that he had never had the condition, and that the steroids had caused serious physical problems.

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Boy in wheelchair suffering from brain damage and cerebral palsy outdoors next to sister and their dog

Edwin's Story

Inadequate monitoring lead to brain damage and cerebral palsy

Edwin required cardiac surgery at the age of 2. There was inadequate monitoring of his temperature post-operatively, leading to brain damage and cerebral palsy. Ally Taft investigated the case to help Edwin and his family.

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Boy suffering from cerebral palsy smiling while in class with teacher

Sam's Story

Support for life after life-changing medical error

Sam was born with a number of serious problems and needed heart surgery at the age of two. Although the surgery itself was successful, Sam was left with serious disabilities so his family came to Ally Taft to find answers and seek help.

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Teenage girls in park looking to their phones

Cassie's Story

Teenager’s life blighted by delayed cancer diagnosis and treatment

Cassie has been left with nerve damage on her left side after seeking help for a lump on her forehead – her dermatologist didn’t tell her it needed treatment and didn’t even invite her back for a followup appointment. Ally Taft took up her case and secured £250,000 compensation for her.

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Mother and son hugging

Adam's Story

Seeking justice after life devastated by treatment delays

Delayed diagnosis and treatment of Adam’s infected gallbladder meant that his ability to walk was limited, he needed help in his home and couldn’t carry on with his normal life after surgery. He came to Ally Taft at Medical Accident Group for help with his claim.

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Nurse helping elderly lady down the stairs at a care home

Kate's Story

Experience and determination secure substantial damages for client

After Kate had to have a kidney removed because of years of medical negligence, the experience and determination of Ally Taft at Medical Accident Group not only settled the case for £540,000, but also uncovered errors in treatment throughout.

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Ellie’s Story

Car crash victim facing a life of pain receives £525,000 settlement

Broken bones, scarring and psychiatric trauma were the legacy of a short journey to the cinema for Ellie, aged 20, who came to Peter Savage at Medical Accident Group for help after the uninsured driver she was with crashed head-on into an oncoming car when overtaking.

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Man sitting on the sofa reading a book

Jack’s Story

Three months of pain from fractured ankle missed by doctors

An accident at work left Jack with a fractured ankle which went undiagnosed for more than three months – he later had to have two operations to correct problems that late diagnosis caused.

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Children playing in the park

Simon’s Story

Patient left paralysed after poor medical care for spinal tumour

Delayed diagnosis, reporting and treatment left Simon on crutches and doubly incontinent – a tumour on his spine which was eventually removed was found to be linked to testicular cancer which had spread, needing chemotherapy, blood transfusion and bone marrow transplants.

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Holding hands

Tim's Story

Sepsis, pneumonia and sores from poor medical treatment

Tim, who had Parkinson’s disease, spent months suffering from bedsores and infections acquired in hospital, with his health deteriorating until he contracted sepsis because of an ulcer which had not been treated properly.

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Husband wife being told about husband's brain tumour

Mark's Story

Failure to spot a brain tumour led to years of distress for husband and wife

Mark first came to medical negligence expert Ally Taft, as he was concerned that it had taken over a year for his GP to refer him for a CT scan.

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man sitting in his kitchen looking happy because he just claimed compensation

Brian Bartlett's Story

£50,000 compensation for worker who lost thumb tip

Brian Bartlett, whose thumb tip was cut off in an accident at work, came to Sally Green and personal injury specialist Peter Savage at Medical Accident Group for help, after health and safety failings at the timber company where he worked led to his injury.

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Pregnant woman holding stomach worrying afer medical negligence led to an unplanned pregnancy

Kim's Story

Medical negligence led to unplanned pregnancy

A woman who believed she had had a contraceptive implant and later found herself expecting her fourth child is “forever grateful” after she came to Sophie Keatley at Medical Accident Group for help.

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Michelle's Story

Catalogue of errors led to premature baby’s death

When Michelle’s baby daughter, born prematurely, died less than 24 hours after she was born, she came to Ally Taft at Medical Accident Group to discover what had happened and why.

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Nurses working in sepsis ward of hospital

Karen's Story

Compensation after fatal delayed diagnosis of sepsis

A collapse at home led, four days later, to Karen’s death from multi-organ failure caused by sepsis in hospital – her friend and executor, Jane, came to Ally Taft to find out what had happened in those crucial days and to seek support for those she left behind.

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Man lying on hospital bed suffering because of bowel surgery

Catherine's Story

Bowel problems lead to medical negligence claim

Catherine was not given all the information she needed to make the proper choice for her bowel surgery, leading to further pain and surgery. Catherine came to Ally Taft at Medical Accident Group for advice, having suffered for so long.

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Man lying down getting a CT scan for his brain tumour

Martin's Story

Brain tumour left untreated for six years

Martin’s GP said that a scan showing benign brain tumour was nothing to worry about. But Martin's condition worsened, so he came to Ally Taft at Medical Accident Group to try to uncover the truth of the situation and to reach a settlement.

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Machine cleaning the ice on an ice rink

Laurence's Story

Dedication and experience bring injured worker peace of mind

Laurence came to Peter Savage at Medical Accident Group after he was injured while working at an ice rink. He needed emergency surgery to his right thumb after the ice-making machine he was operating sliced into it as he tried to clear it.

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Pharmacist holding miedication at a pharmacy about to prescribe the medicaation

David's Story

Prescription error led to permanent problems

A GP’s repeated failure to re-prescribe warfarin led to David suffering loss of use of his right arm and will prevent him from having any future surgery – he came to Ally Taft of Medical Accident Group for help to find answers and redress.

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Boy with headphones sitting at his desk suffering from a burst appendix

David's Story

Medical professionals failed to spot burst appendix

A burst appendix left David within hours of death after it was missed on four separate visits by the teenager to GPs and Worcester Royal Hospital – even after surgery he was left with a stoma bag, unable to walk long distances, and less ability to enjoy previous activities such as swimming or socialising with friends.

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Elderly woman holding a mug of tea sitting in lounge looking outside the window

Sarah's Story

Major surgery needed after GP negligence

After Sarah had her contraceptive coil fitted wrongly by her GP, leading to two major operations, she sought help from Ally Taft, partner with Medical Accident Group.

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An elderly woman standing outside looking into the distance suffering from Alzheimer's

Emma's Story

Misdiagnosis of Alzheimer’s devastated patient

Emma at the age of 57 was misdiagnosed with Alzheimer's causing her to lose her job and change her retirement plans. More than a year later the mistake was corrected, and Emma came to Amrit Dhaliwal at Medical Accident Group for help in seeking redress.

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Doctors performing surgery on patient at hospital

Brenda's Story

Patient’s requests ignored by jailed surgeon

A patient was left distraught after surgeon Ian Paterson lied to her about the type of surgery he carried out. Support from medical negligence specialist Ally Taft brought her comfort.

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Mother who has gone through trauma and depression due to medical errors holds baby in her arms

Karen's Story

Medical errors cause trauma and depression for new mother

Giving birth should be a time to celebrate, but for Karen, medical mistakes meant that her labour was traumatic and her pain after an emergency caesarean was not properly treated. Sophie Keatley from Medical Accident Group helped her find answers.

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Nurse helping man walk while he is holding two beams due to a recent foot surgery

Ian's Story

Foot surgery error claim prompted medical negligence settlement

Ian, from Herefordshire, had two operations on his foot, one of which he had not fully agreed to. Although some of the surgery was successful, the work on his big toe did not go as planned and the surgeon admitted that he had made a mistake in his approach.

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Person looking through a book of family pictures

Brian's Story

Widow sought answers after husband’s death from lithium poisoning

After a series of falls he was taken into hospital and his lithium levels measured. They were found to be dangerously high, but this information was not acted on, ultimately leading to his death. Brian's wife wanted to know more and came to Ally Taft for help.

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Two people sitting on a couch holding hands

Keith's Story

Psychiatric patient let down by lack of 2Gether NHS trust follow-up

Keith had suffered from mild symptoms of OCD for most of his life, his GP referred him to 2Gether NHS Trust but the Trust failed to follow up with Keith, resulting in him developing suicidal tendencies. So Keith approached a psychiatric negligence claims expert for help.

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Woman getting treatment for her hand after a hand injury

Ruth's Story

Failure to remove glass following an injury to right dominant hand

Ruth underwent surgery on her hand after her hand was injured by a smashed beer glass but they failed to remove all of the glass, and had to go through three further operations. So she spoke to Medical Accident Group for help with making a claim.

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Locum doctor talking to a room full of medical professionals

David's Story

Law change on locum doctors after Ally Taft highlighted systemic failure

Due to a GP doctor’s poor grasp of English and lack of training, David was given ten times the prescribed amount of diamorphine and passed away just hours later. David’s family approached specialist in claims relating to mistakes by locum doctors, Ally Taft for help.

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Dentist looking at teeth of little girl at dental practice

Poppy's Story

Irreparable damage to teeth for daughter

Poppy had to undergo dental implant surgery but experienced high levels of pain from nerve damage. She had to undergo two further correctional procedures, as well as ongoing six-monthly check-ups. Poppy’s family approached dental negligence claims solicitor, Peter Savage, for help and support.

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Nurse wrapping patient's foot after they had foot surgery

David's Story

Delayed diagnosis of foot fracture left permanent damage

Delayed diagnosis of David's foot fracture left permanent damage so David approached Medical Accident’s orthopaedic negligence claims specialists for help, and they were able to help him to rebuild his life.

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