Nurse helping elderly lady down the stairs at a care home

After Kate had to have a kidney removed because of years of medical negligence, the experience and determination of Inez Brown at Medical Accident Group not only settled the case for £540,000, but also uncovered errors in treatment throughout.

Kate, who has continuing vertigo, nausea and dizziness after being given too high a dose of an antibiotic for too long after her operation, needs help at home and can’t return to her full-time job as a teaching assistant.

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Inez said: “If she had been treated properly when she first complained of persistent and recurring pain, her kidney problem would have been spotted earlier and she might never have had to have the operation. That in turn would have meant there was no need for the antibiotic which has caused such problems for her.

“The negligence here, both by individual doctors and by the NHS Trust involved, which didn’t even insist that the staff followed its own prescribing protocols, has affected her life considerably. I felt very strongly that she should be, and would be, fully compensated for the damage to her health.”

Kate was treated by GPs for three years for what were apparently urinary tract infections (UTIs), with no investigation into underlying causes. Eventually she insisted on a specialist opinion and within three months she had to have a kidney removed because of a 1.5cm kidney stone and the severe infection around it.

After the operation, she was treated with an antibiotic, but at too high a dose for too long, even when it was seen to be affecting her badly.

Kate was very happy with Inez’ support and advice. She said: “When it came to the crunch, our barrister seemed to lose faith at the last hurdle. Inez achieved a settlement that was double the best outcome indicated by our barrister!”

Nurse helping elderly lady down the stairs at a care home Nurse helping elderly lady down the stairs at a care home

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