Doctors performing surgery on patient at hospital

Patient’s requests ignored by jailed surgeon

A patient who was left distraught after surgeon Ian Paterson lied to her about the type of surgery he carried out has said that “the fact that Mr Paterson lied to me without flinching is something I will never recover from.”

Support from medical negligence specialist Ally Taft brought her comfort after her request for a total mastectomy was ignored, leaving her at risk of her cancer recurring.

Brenda’s story

Brenda faced surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She made it clear that she wanted a mastectomy because she wanted to keep the risk of the cancer returning as low as possible.

She had two very young children and had recently lost her father to cancer, so she wanted as little risk as possible.

In fact, she even decided to go ahead with a double mastectomy to ensure there would be no chance of further breast cancer in the future.

Brenda was one of many victims of jailed breast surgeon Ian Paterson, who took no notice of her choice before he operated, leaving substantial breast tissue behind. This has become known as a cleavage-sparing mastectomy.

Regarding her experience, Brenda said: “Ian Paterson was someone I put my complete trust in. To sit in front of him twice and ask the direct question, and him confirm each time with sincerity that I had had complete mastectomies and not his ‘sparing’ procedure, and had nothing to worry about, left me distraught.”

Although the hospital promised a review of Brenda’s case, she had to ask for a second opinion to find out her surgery was unfinished. She had further surgery to remove more breast tissue and has since had further breast reconstruction.

With Ally’s guidance, understanding and support, Brenda was able to have peace of mind following her stressful and frightening experience. Ally’s guidance, care and understanding proved to be invaluable.

Regarding the case, Ally said: “I’m glad to have been able to help Brenda take back control so she can put this terrible episode behind her. Having supported several of Ian Paterson’s patients, a recurring theme is that his actions, and the lies he told people, meant that many were at increased risk.”

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Doctors performing surgery on patient at hospital Doctors performing surgery on patient at hospital

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