Nurse helping man walk after his foot surgery

Foot surgery error claim prompted medical negligence settlement

Ian, from Herefordshire, had two operations on his foot, one of which he had not fully agreed to. Although some of the surgery was successful, the work on his big toe did not go as planned and the surgeon admitted that he had made a mistake in his approach.

As a result, Ian had to have the surgery again and, a second surgical failure left him in pain, forcing him to give up work and restricting him to the ground floor of his home. He came to Ally Taft for help and support.

Surgery suggestion after pre-op medication given

Ian went to his doctor because the toes on his left foot were out of shape. He was referred to hospital and eventually surgery was recommended for all the toes, except the big toe. He went into hospital for the surgery, and when he had had his pre-op medication, the surgeon told him that he might also try to straighten the big toe – even though Ian had not agreed to this surgery.

The operation on the four smaller toes went as planned, but the work on the big toe did not. The surgeon admitted that he had made a mistake in his approach by placing a saw through the joint of the toe and a month after the operation, the joint had slipped out of place, had not healed properly and was not stable.

Ian went back into hospital and the surgery was carried out again. It failed again and left Ian with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a stronger than normal reaction of the body to injury or surgery resulting in severe pain and sensitivity, which can be continuous and debilitating. His foot and leg are intensely painful and he can only walk a few yards with a walking stick. He had to give up work as a result and is restricted to the ground floor of his home.

With Ally Taft’s help, Ian pursued complaints of negligence against Wye Valley Hospitals NHS Trust. The Trust admitted that the first surgery had been negligently carried out, that it had caused damage to Ian’s big toe and that the negligence caused his regional pain syndrome.

Ally, a medical negligence expert, said: “Ian was very angry about the problems this surgery caused. If he had had a chance to discuss the big toe operation fully and ensure that the surgeon was satisfied that it was both necessary and was properly planned, the outcome could have been very different.

“I was able to instruct a number of experts in order to make the crucial link to the CRPS, which is often contentious. The experts also assisted in valuing Ian’s needs for the rest of his life so I could ensure his needs would be met. I was glad to be able to achieve a good settlement for him, to help him deal with the on-going problems he faces, which are substantial.”

The settlement of £415,000 will ensure financial stability for Ian and ensure he can remain in his family home, which was at risk with his inability to work.

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Nurse helping man walk while he is holding two beams due to a recent foot surgery Nurse helping man walk while he is holding two beams due to a recent foot surgery

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