Ally Taft was quick to act when she was contacted following a claim against a local NHS Trust.

In 2019 Mrs P went to A&E on advice of her GP, feeling bloated, sick and in pain. After a brief examination, the doctor suggested an x-ray and then an enema. Following this, she was advised to go home.

The symptoms got worse, she returned to A&E and was informed that she had gallstones and that the pain would need to be managed for the next six to twelve months before her gallbladder could be removed. She continued with severe pain, constipation and vomiting and under advice from her GP returned to A&E another two times, each time being sent away. On the 5th occasion the GP arranged for direct access to the surgical unit, where a CT scan revealed bowel cancer causing a complete blockage in the bowel. Mrs P underwent emergency surgery, where the whole of her bowel was removed, leaving her with a permanent stoma.

She contacted Medical Accident Group’s Ally Taft for advice and support. Ally obtained expert evidence which showed that  had the original x-ray been correctly reported, Mrs P would have undergone surgery before the bowel was damaged and she would have only required a colostomy for 6 months rather than for life.

Ally was able to secure a payment of £300,000 which will help with Mrs P’s future requirements for years to come.

Following the case, Mrs P said: “Thank you once again. You have my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for me. When I set out on this journey, I never imagined that this would be the outcome.”

Ally said: “No one should have to suffer the way my client did. The GP was clearly appalled at the hospital’s care. I’m pleased that we were able to secure a positive outcome, and hope that it goes some way to providing comfort for the future.”

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