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Sepsis, pneumonia and sores from poor medical treatment

Tim, who had Parkinson’s disease, spent months suffering from bedsores and infections acquired in hospital, with his health deteriorating until he contracted sepsis because of an ulcer which had not been treated properly. He was eventually transferred to a nursing home where his ulcer improved due to excellent care. His wife, Caroline, came to Sophie Keatley at Medical Accident Group to help her to find out more about her husband’s care in the hospital. Sophie’s investigation revealed that warning signs about Tim’s vulnerability to sores were not heeded, and Caroline received a settlement of £20,000.

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Tim went into hospital with a broken hip, which was operated on and he was able to move around and had no broken skin, but it was noted that he was at very high risk of pressure sores (bed sores). He suffered  from a urinary tract infection after surgery and was given antibiotics – he was later treated for pneumonia and was very dehydrated. He suffered from pressure sores 10 days after being admitted, and his health deteriorated – he was confused and drowsy, and was put back onto antibiotics again to treat an infection; his sores continued and got worse, and he was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis.

Move to nursing home from hospital improves treatment

His health continued to decline and eventually, four months after he was admitted, he was transferred to a nursing home, where his ulcer, and his general health, improved. He was by then in the end stages of Parkinson’s disease, and died six months later.

Sophie said: “The hospital knew that he had a high risk of developing sores. His pain and suffering could have been prevented in the hospital – he was very  vulnerable and deserved better care.” 

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Sophie is a qualified chartered legal executive (FCILEx) and has worked within Medical Accident Group since 2011. Before her legal career, Sophie studied children’s development and child psychology; this expertise means Sophie can offer specialist advice to her clients, some of whom are making claims involving children.

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