Nurse working in sepsis ward of hospital

Compensation after fatal delayed diagnosis of sepsis

A collapse at home led, four days later, to Karen’s death from multi-organ failure caused by sepsis in hospital – her friend and executor, Jane, came to Ally Taft to find out what had happened in those crucial days and to seek support for those she left behind.

When Karen, aged 64, collapsed at home one morning and was found on the floor, bruised, confused and having vomited blood, she was taken to hospital, but after checks, they planned to discharge her that evening. She collapsed again; further checks found that she was disoriented, dizzy and had fluctuating blood pressure.

First dose of antibiotics only when unconscious

Her health continued to worsen, but even though this was clear, she was given no other medication or treatment other than blood pressure pills in spite of the fact that her blood pressure was falling. Finally, when she had become unconscious, she was found to have multi-organ failure and taken to the Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU) – only then was she given antibiotics to treat sepsis.

Treatment continued, but she continued to deteriorate – Karen died less than 24 hours after going into ITU.

Jane wanted answers and came to Ally for help – Ally found answers for her. The hospital admitted that they had not treated her blood pressure properly, had not started treatment for sepsis and not given Karen enough fluids after the diagnosis was finally made. However, they denied that she could have been saved.

Ally said: “All the signs showed that she should have been treated much more quickly and effectively – the lack of response to her worsening health was extraordinary. Expert evidence indicated that a swift diagnosis and treatment would have prevented the failure of her organs and so her death.

“But I was glad to be able to help to find some answers and to ensure that compensation was available.”

To Ally, Jane said: “Thank you for your honesty, support and understanding throughout this very distressing time; it has been very much appreciated.”

If you have been the victim of medical negligence or a delay in diagnosis or treatment, the team at Medical Accident Group will provide support and help as well as giving expert advice so that you are not in this alone. Call us on 0800 050 1668 or fill in the form below.

Nurses working in sepsis ward of hospital Nurses working in sepsis ward of hospital

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