A proper investigation into George’s health would have led to recovery, avoided the need for such extensive surgery and an average life expectancy. Sadly, George tragically died of cancer at home, causing immense pain and heartache for his family.

George’s wife wanted help in securing compensation for her late husband and the loss suffered. She came to Medical Accident Group who, with the support various medical experts, secured justice for the family.

Concerns were raised back in 2016 when George initially noticed a lump on the underside of his jaw. After an urgent referral to the ENT clinic, George received antibiotics and drainage. Eight months on, after recurring issues, a biopsy revealed it was cancerous – at this point, the mass increased substantially in size.

Although George underwent extensive and grossly disfiguring dissection in March 2017 – almost a year after initial consultation – this was unsuccessful as the cancer recurred a year later. George underwent further procedures until his condition deteriorated drastically, where he endured a terrible period of suffering in the months prior to his death.

Has a loved one died from cancer that wasn’t diagnosed in time? We can help

Had George received proper investigation at the outset, this would have resulted in surgery to dissect the tumour. Radiotherapy may have been required, but George would have recovered and resumed to normal life.

The defendant admitted liability which was important to the family, and Medical Accident Group secured a financial settlement of £325,000.

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