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Having surgery can be stressful at the best of times. When it goes wrong, however, it can become a nightmare.

Natalie opted to have implant surgery, only to find out following the surgery that both of the implants had flipped. Her surgeon advised that revision surgery would correct the issue, claiming that the implants had flipped because the pocket size where they were inserted was too big.

Further surgery was undertaken, along with correction of a misaligned areola, but both implants flipped again. Natalie turned to Associate Fahmidah Ali for advice and support.

During litigation it transpired that the surgeon who had performed the surgery did not have experience with this particular type of implant, known as B-Lite implants. Fahmidah argued that the surgeon should have informed her client of this, along with advising she get a second opinion and seek professional advice from other surgeons with relevant experience in these types of implants. The surgeon, however, denied that any of this was necessary.

Fahmidah also argued that Natalie’s surgeon should have considered all possible causes of implant flipping prior to conducting further surgery to ensure the same thing wouldn’t happen again.

Fahmidah instructed a plastic surgeon to support the case, meaning that her client’s argument could be advanced through a round table meeting, with the claim settled prior to trial.

Following the case, Natalie said: “Thank you for all your hard work on this case and thank you very much for the waiver of the success fee, it was both unexpected, and sincerely appreciated. I am glad that the matter has been put to bed, and I have ‘won’ my initial outlay back in compensation, which was all I was really seeking.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better solicitor; thank you for your empathy, your confidence, and your kindness.  I have been thoroughly impressed at all stages. I would like to thank Fahmidah for the investment she has made in my case.  Fahmidah made the process very simple. The answers to my inevitable enquiries of ‘what happens next’ were always answered very succinctly and understandably. This is so important, and the value underestimated.’

Fahmidah said: “Failing to notify a patient of inexperience when it comes to surgery of this nature is unacceptable; I’m glad that we were able to guide Natalie to a successful outcome while avoiding the court process.”

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