Man getting a CT scan for his brain tumour

Brain tumour left untreated for six years

After Martin had had a benign brain tumour operated on in his youth, 46 years went by without problems, until he suffered an acute psychotic episode which led to a CT scan at Kidderminster Hospital.

Although the scan showed signs of a new benign tumour developing, and in spite of some continuing symptoms, a review of the situation requested by Martin’s GP said that the scan showed nothing to worry about.

As his condition worsened, he came to Ally Taft at Medical Accident Group to try to uncover the truth of the situation and to reach a settlement. Ally was able to help to find answers and to achieve a positive result for Martin.

Loss of balance, unsteadiness and falls

After that initial scan, Martin began to be unsteady on his feet, to lose his balance and to suffer from falls. These were attributed to his age, but his GP also referred him for a further CT scan, which revealed that he had a tumour in the same place as the signs indicated in the earlier scan.

He was treated with radiotherapy to shrink the tumour later that year but continued to have some walking and balance problems. He had to stop driving, had numerous falls and had to start using a mobility scooter. Headaches, fatigue and mobility problems plagued him for the last five years of his life when he was cared for by his wife and then in a care home.

Compensation for suffering

Martin’s work with Ally Taft was continued after his death by his wife, and Ally was able to help her to achieve £125,000 compensation for all that he had been through.

Ally said: “If the first scan had been properly reviewed, action could have been taken much earlier and experts advised he would not have suffered and died when he did.

“I am glad that I was able to help him and his wife; no-one wants to have to take this kind of action, but when mistakes or failures of diagnosis like this take place, patients suffer and they should be able to seek redress and find answers.”

If you have been the victim of medical negligence, the team at Medical Accident Group will provide support and help as well as giving expert advice so that you are not in this alone. Call us on 0800 050 1668 or fill in the form below.

Man lying down getting a CT scan for his brain tumour Man lying down getting a CT scan for his brain tumour

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