Pregnant woman holding stomach worrying afer medical negligence led to an unplanned pregnancy

Medical negligence led to unplanned pregnancy

A woman who believed she had had a contraceptive implant and later found herself expecting her fourth child is “forever grateful” after she came to Sophie Keatley at Medical Accident Group for help.

Kim already had three children, two by caesarean section, and went to the family planning clinic to have a contraceptive implant inserted in her arm. She could not feel the implant but was reassured by the nurse that it had been inserted and left, believing that it would be effective.

Unexpected pregnancy with complications

When, the following year, she found that she was pregnant, an X-ray revealed that no implant was in place. She was advised that the pregnancy could proceed, although she was high-risk. Later in the pregnancy, she was told that her baby had congenital club feet.

Her pregnancy was both painful and difficult, leaving her using a wheelchair for the latter part; she was later diagnosed as having Ehlers-Danos syndrome which leads to weak and painful joints.

Before the birth, she agreed to be sterilised at the same time as she had the baby by caesarean; when she went into hospital to give birth, she withdrew that consent, but the sterilisation went ahead anyway.

Continuing needs

Her little boy spent months in plaster and braces to help to correct his club feet and is still being treated for his condition.

She came to Sophie for help after the pregnancy made her existing conditions worse.

Sophie said: “She had never intended to have more children, and the initial failure to implant the contraceptive caused a very problematic chain of events for her and her family. Her son needs extra care, and while he is very much loved, her fourth pregnancy very much affected her mental and physical health.

She added: “Her settlement will enable her and her family to consider buying a new house, which will be much more accessible for her and her son, making the whole family’s lives easier.”

Looking to the future

Kim said to Sophie: “We will be forever grateful for the help, advice, patience and professionalism you have shown over the past six years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting us through what has been a difficult and stressful time.”

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Pregnant woman holding stomach worrying afer medical negligence led to an unplanned pregnancy Pregnant woman holding stomach worrying afer medical negligence led to an unplanned pregnancy

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