Surgeon’s failures forced patient out of career

  • January 4, 2019
  • After Jerry was left with life-long problems and had to give up his job after 32 years because of a surgeon’s errors, he sought Peter Savage’s help at Medical Accident Group to help him plan for his future.

    Peter and his colleagues were able to help Jerry to receive £190,000 in compensation for his loss of earnings and the medical condition from which he now suffers.

    He had opted for surgery without being told about any of the possible consequences of the operation which the surgeon actually carried out – if he had known, he could have decided quite safely not to have surgery. Instead, he had to make a decision based on inadequate information and has suffered extra medical costs, continuing treatment, discomfort, inconvenience and the loss of his career.

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    Jerry had had a lump in his left groin for some years (which was found to be a benign lump known as a lipoma) and decided, after talking to the surgeon, that he would like it to be removed – he was assured that it was a simple procedure and while the surgeon did flag up some short-term problems which might follow the operation, he didn’t suggest that there would be any long-term consequences.

    Peter said: “He was effectively pushed into having invasive and unnecessary surgery likely to leave him with lifelong difficulties which were not explained beforehand. He could have chosen to leave the lump alone or to have the type of surgery which would have dealt with his condition without those consequences. He has been left with a permanent handicap because this process was so badly handled.”

    Jerry went into hospital for the surgery on his lipoma and although he had been told he would need to stay overnight, the surgeon discharged him the same day, with a compression stocking to wear and brief advice covering the next few days.
    Three days after the operation, Jerry’s leg started to swell and blisters appeared – he went back to see the surgeon and was told the problems would resolve themselves if he kept wearing the compression stocking.

    Over the next two months, it became clear that the surgeon had carried out a different operation than originally planned – the actual operation has much greater risk of long-term side effects, and Jerry had not been told about them.

    Another surgeon managed to help to reduce some of Jerry’s difficulties, but he was still left unable to sit down for more than about an hour without his leg swelling. He tried for a year to keep working, but eventually had to resign because of his ill-health.

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