Substantial damages won following incorrect antibiotic dose in medication error claim

  • August 21, 2018
  • Kate had to have a kidney removed, following years of medical negligence. After her kidney removal operation she was prescribed antibiotics. However, as a result of being given too high a dose of these antibiotics, for too long, she has been left with continuing vertigo, nausea and dizziness. She needs help at home and can’t return to her full-time job, as a teaching assistant for children with special needs.

    Kate approached medication error claims expert, Inez Brown of the Medical Accident Group. for help in claiming damages.

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    Understanding Kate’s Medication Error Claim

    For a period of three years Kate was treated by GPs for what appeared to be urinary tract infections (UTIs). At no point did they request a scan to look into why such infections recurred so frequently and painfully. Eventually she insisted on a specialist opinion and, within three months, she was told that she had a 1.5cm kidney stone with a severe infection around it. As a result of this she was advised that she needed to have a kidney removed.

    After the operation, as is usual, she was treated with antibiotics. However, in Kate’s case she was prescribed 25 per cent more than the recommended dose. She was also prescribed a much longer course than is recommended. This prescription was not changed, even when it was seen to be having a negative effect on her health, in the form of vertigo, nausea and dizziness.

    Kate approached medication error claims lawyer, Inez Brown, for help. Inez uncovered errors in treatment, both before and after the operation, and identified that there had been medical negligence by both individual doctors and by the NHS Trust involved. Inez won Kate substantial damages as a result.

    Medical Negligence Specialist, Inez Brown, Explains:

    “If she had been treated properly when she first complained of persistent and recurring pain, her kidney problem would have been spotted earlier and she might never have had to have the operation. That in turn would have removed the need for the antibiotics that caused her ongoing problems.

    “The negligence here, both by individual doctors and by the NHS Trust involved, which didn’t even insist that the staff followed its own prescribing protocols, has affected her life considerably. When Kate approached me, I felt, very strongly, that she should, and would, be fully compensated for this damage to her health.”

    Kate Explains Her Experience Of Working With The Medical Accident Group:

    “When it came to the crunch, our barrister seemed to lose faith at the last hurdle and told us to drastically lower our expectations regarding any final settlement figure.

     “When we approached Inez for help she reassured us and emphasised that she had the greater experience in negotiating final settlements. We agreed to follow her proposal and negotiate best terms on our behalf – she achieved a settlement that was double the best outcome indicated by our barrister!”

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    More Information About Medication Error Claims

    More than 40,000 prescription or medication errors affect patients every year. Negligence can occur in many forms – with effects ranging from the small to those devastating lives.

    At the Medical Accident Group we are experienced in bringing negligent parties to account as well as making sure victims are provided with the best compensation. In the field of medication errors this expertise and experience led to our bringing about a change in the law, as a result of a negligent doctor prescribing the wrong dose to a patient.

    Read more about our medication error claims expertise.

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