Sepsis from infected hip joint caused mother’s death

  • October 22, 2018
  • Di went into A and E because of pain and swelling in her hip and in spite of checks showing an infection, she was sent home without treatment. She died three days later, aged 49, and her family came to Fahmidah Ali of Medical Accident Group for help in holding the hospital to account – they received £50,000 in compensation.

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    Di went to hospital with a painful and swollen hip and even though blood tests showed that there was an infection, she was not even given antibiotics to take home. Even though she had been seen by the orthopaedic registrar, because she had a history of hip operations, they failed to treat the infection.

    She was brought back in by ambulance three days later, struggling to breathe and died that night in intensive care from sepsis and multiple organ failure.

    Fahmidah said: “The infection was not spotted because she had no fever, although the blood test showed there was infection. If it had been looked at, she would have been admitted and given antibiotics, because her medical history included elements which would have weakened her immune system.”

    Compensation for bereaved family

    “She left two children, one of whom was still dependent upon her, and the failure of the hospital to deal appropriately with her condition means that they have now lost their mother and the support she gave them. I was glad to be able to help them – the compensation will help them to plan for their futures together.”

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