Incorrect diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyplerplasia

  • March 25, 2015
  • 4This claim is an extremely complex one arising out of an incorrect diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyplerplasia resulting in 10 years of unnecessary steroid treatment for Mr Y. We argued this caused brain hypertrophy and cognitive deficits but there were other competing causes. Expert evidence was extremely complex and Ally Taft successfully argued for the involvement of a neuropsychiatrist, neuropsychologist, neuroscientist and neuroradiologist – all to address very particular issues. The evidence was pushed to the limit with inventive investigations (comparator examinations of brothers, 3D scanning) being carried out to try and prove the case on causation which was contested throughout. Liability was eventually agreed at 85%, which was a very good result in the face of the complexities and a starting position from the defendant of 50%.  The case continues on quantum.

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