Baby could have been saved if mother’s concerns had been listened to

  • July 20, 2018
  • In 2014 Lisa Kirby suffered the heartbreak of losing her baby daughter, who was stillborn. Even though Lisa had been to the Royal Berkshire Hospital the previous week, to raise concerns about pain and discomfort she was suffering, no checks were made on the baby. A week later she went into labour and, when midwives could not find a heartbeat, gave birth to a stillborn daughter.

    Lisa came to birth injury claims expert, Inez Brown, at Medical Accident Group, for help finding out why she was not checked more carefully, when she went to hospital the week before the birth.

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    Understanding Lisa’s birth injury claim

    During her previous pregnancy, Lisa had been under consultant care throughout, because her placenta was poor and her baby was born small.  Despite this, when Lisa went to the Royal Berkshire Hospital to raise her concerns about pain and discomfort she was suffering, she was sent home with reassurances.

    When her daughter was stillborn, a week later, an autopsy revealed that she had died in the womb only a few hours before she was born, because the placenta failed, starving her of oxygen.

    Lisa asked Inez Brown to find out why she was not checked more carefully when she went to hospital the week before the birth. If her daughter had been born then, it’s likely that she would have survived. Lisa also wanted to know why the hospital had not made any changes to their procedures since the death of her baby.

    Medical Negligence Specialist, Inez Brown Explains:

    “This is such a sad and tragic case. Lisa suffered from nervous shock following the delivery of her baby girl, along with her husband and mother. Understandably, she wanted answers.

     “After three years of litigation, the case was settled for £15,000.”

    Lisa Explains Her Experience Of Working With The Medical Accident Group:

    “No parent should have to go through what we went through. We believe our baby’s death could have been prevented and we wanted to know why changes hadn’t been made to stop this happening again, to someone else, in the future.

     “The problem is, to be able to navigate the system, you need access to expert advice. We couldn’t have done this without the support of Inez and the team at Medical Accident Group.”

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    More Information About Birth Injury Claims

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