Senior nurse receives 12-month caution after death of man with autism

  • April 23, 2019
  • A senior nurse caring for Nicholas Jones from Corsham, who had complex care needs and a severe learning disability, failed to act “with the necessary honesty and integrity as required of a registered nurse in the UK’ according to a coroner. Roger Bolivar has been given a 12-month caution order by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).


    Cardiac arrest and septicaemia

    Mr Jones died from cardiac arrest and respiratory failure after more than three weeks in hospital in Bristol. He had been admitted to hospital with a suspected ruptured kidney tumour – he later contracted septicaemia.


    An inquest conducted by coroner Dr Peter Harrowing concluded that gross failings by the hospital, run by North Bristol NHS Trust, contributed to Mr Jones’s death.


    Failure to carry out regular checks

    Mr Bolivar had left Nicholas Jones unchecked for more than five hours in a situation where hourly checks should have been routine. Mrs Jones told the inquest that she could see her son’s condition deteriorating and had alerted staff – she explained that she could see that her son was having a cardiac arrest and had to start performing CPR on him.


    By the time the team arrived to help him, Mr Jones was unable to breathe independently, and upon advice from the medical team, the family then had to make the decision to stop resuscitation efforts.


    Fitness to practice impaired

    The NMC panel has handed Mr Bolivar a 12 month caution order, which effectively means any prospective employer will be on notice that Mr Bolivar’s fitness to practice has been found ‘impaired’.


    In making the order, the panel noted that “it is in the public interest for an experienced and competent nurse with an otherwise exemplary record to remain in practice.”


    Sarah-Jayne Martin, solicitor with Medical Accident Group, said: “It is very concerning to note that Mr Jones was left unattended for such a period of time; nursing care for patients is always important, but it is even more critical when you are caring for a vulnerable adult who was so reliant on the nurses’ and hospital’s care and assistance.”


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