Dramatic increase in Sepsis deaths

  • August 6, 2018
  • Hospital deaths in England resulting from Sepsis have risen dramatically over recent years.

    Sepsis is a condition which, if not treated immediately, can result in multiple organ failure. Early signs of sepsis can include, a racing heartbeat, breathlessness, shivering or feeling cold or not passing any urine in a day. It does not take long for severe symptoms to kick in and these can include slurred speech, nausea, feeling disorientated or a drop in blood pressure.

    At the end of April 2017, 15,722 deaths were caused by sepsis. This, according to Prof. Sir Brian Jarman, is partly due to staff shortages and overcrowding on hospital wards.

    Melissa Mead who has been campaigning for greater awareness of sepsis since losing her baby, William, to the infection said “Whilst you have a lack of public awareness you are going to have people who are sitting at home, feeling poorly, and don’t even realise that sepsis is even a thing”.

    Chief Executive of UK Sepsis Trust, Dr Ron Daniels, said: “Sepsis is a condition whose time has come. We must act decisively to save many of the thousands of lives claimed every year.”

    The Medical Accident Group work closely with Sepsis UK as we believe that the more attention that is brought to this awful infection, the more lives will be saved. In 2017 we hosted an exclusive screening of the film ‘Starfish’ the true story of Tom Ray a husband and father who was struck down with sepsis shortly before the birth of his second child. He survived but lost his hands, lower legs and part of his face.

    Inez Brown, Partner

    Inez Brown, Partner and Head of Clinical Negligence at Medical Accident Group said “I agree whole heartedly that we must act decisively to save many lives claimed each year by Sepsis. The Medical Accident Group will continue to offer its support in making the public more aware of this awful infection.”

    As an experienced local Worcester Firm, we have managed to successfully claim compensation for families, who have directly and indirectly suffered a loss due to the negligent treatment all over the UK.

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