Doctor speaking to patient about patient's concerns over unsafe independent cosmetic surgery in a doctors office

Concerns over unsafe independent cosmetic surgery services

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has cancelled the registration of Bearwood Cosmetic Clinic in Birmingham.

pregnant woman sitting down looking at photograph of her unborn child

Negligence during pregnancy

A report has found Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Trust failed to follow best practice consistently.

Doctors and nurses seeing patient at a warm inside a hospital

Patient died after unwitnessed hospital fall

A patient died following an unwitnessed fall in Hereford County Hospital, an inquest has found.

Man in his house on the phone talking about how to spot sepsis

Spotting Sepsis – the signs and symptoms to look out for

Five people every hour die from sepsis in the UK.

Medical doctor at work in a hospital looking at a tablet screen

Is patient safety being jeopardised by the NHS covering up their mistakes?

Over the years, many NHS trust hospitals have covered up the mistakes of their medical staff, but has this been to the detriment of its patients?

Doctor showing other staff in the hospital how to prevent brain injuries and death of babies during childbirth

How to prevent brain injuries and baby death during childbirth

A new report has given advice on how to prevent neonatal deaths and injuries.

Doctor at a hospital tying their surgical mask

Second Solihull doctor suspended following negligent cancer operations

Consultant urologist, Mr Arackal Manu Nair, who worked with the infamous breast surgeon, Ian Paterson, was suspended and then placed under restrictions.

Men in a rugby scrum playing rugby on a rugby field

The very real risks of contact sports injuries

Contact sport, by the very nature of the name, describes a sport that requires physical contact between two players. Injuries are common in all areas of sport, but do we really know the risks involved?