two women sitting on sofa talking to each other

New fund for victims of rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson

In 2017 a settlement of £37m was awarded to compensate victims of rogue breast surgeon, Ian Paterson, who worked for Spire Healthcare; now a new fund has been set up so more victims can seek compensation for the effect of his work on them.

A judge ruled yesterday that the new fund should be set up to enable more of the 11,000 women he treated to come forward.

Previously more than 40 of the law firms which were involved in the claims were prohibited from presenting any new cases for 20 years, but as more and more failures were discovered, calls were made to re-open the claims against Spire.

Ally Taft, partner with Medical Accident Group, who supported other victims, said: “ This is great news for those women who did not have the chance to come forward before, or who simply didn’t know that they could seek justice. This surgeon caused real suffering to many and put people’s lives at risk – I hope that many more feel able to step forward.”

Ally was able to help Brenda, who was left distraught after Mr Paterson lied to her about the type of surgery he carried out.

two women sitting on sofa talking to each other two women sitting on sofa talking to each other

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