Victims of rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson hugging each other

More victims of rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson can now seek compensation

Thousands of former patients of the breast surgeon Ian Paterson who have received a letter from private healthcare provider can now claim compensation.

Paterson is serving a 20-year jail term for 17 counts of wounding with intent by carrying out unnecessary surgery on men and women; many more people may now come forward, similar to those who Ally Taft, one of our partners, has helped in the past.

In September 2017, more than 750 patients treated by Paterson received compensation pay-outs from a £37m fund. 40 law firms, including Medical Accident Group, signed an agreement confirming that they would not bring any new claims against Spire Healthcare for 20 years on the understanding that anyone who had been a victim would have been recalled by the October 2018 cut-off date.

Since signing the agreement, it has been reported that patients have received a recall letter after the October 2018 cut-off date advising that they might have had an unnecessary surgical procedure carried out by Ian Paterson.

Spire Healthcare have now set up a new compensation fund and advised that Paterson’s former patients who have received a recall letter and are learning for the first time that they had needless surgery can seek compensation.

What to do if you have received a recall letter?

Regardless of whether the letter advises that there was a delay in your diagnosis, or you received inappropriate treatment and/or surgery, it is important that you seek legal advice in order to access the new Paterson Fund. Ally was one of the first solicitors to seek compensation for people affected by Paterson’s treatment and helped many clients to obtain compensation from the previous fund.

If you or someone you love has received a recall letter from Spire Healthcare, please call us on 0800 050 1668 or fill in our contact form below for advice.

Victims of rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson hugging each other Victims of rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson hugging each other

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