Patients waiting at hospital due to delays

Long delays at Wrexham Maelor Hospital deemed unacceptable

Number of failings

Wrexham Maelor Hospital’s A&E Department has been told to improve the standard of care provided to patients after an inspection uncovered a number of failings.

Failings in A&E

During an unannounced visit in August, the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales found some patients who had been waiting for eight hours on trolleys in the hospital corridors. Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, which has been under special measures for more than four years, has been told that improvements must be made to ensure that patients are treated in an appropriate and timely manner.

During the two-day review, inspectors were so concerned about the treatment of patients that they were forced to step in on three occasions. On one occasion, a nurse had to be alerted by an inspector to a patient who was experiencing increased chest pain but had been left in the corridor.

In addition to the long wait times, inspectors found that those patients who were left on trolleys were not provided with pressure-relieving mattresses.

Following the review, the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales contacted the Health Board. The Health Board must now take urgent remedial action to ensure that the unsafe practices and risk of harm to patients which were witnessed by inspectors are not allowed to continue.

Improvements made

The Health Board has already taken action to ease pressure on the A&E department. Changes have been made to the hospital’s acute medical unit, which can help some patients who require urgent care. This should allow patients to be moved through A&E more quickly, allowing staff working in A&E to focus on ensuring that patients are treated as promptly as possible with the appropriate care.

As well as taking steps to improve the flow of patients through A&E, the hospital now announces waiting times each hour to ensure that patients are aware of the length of wait they can expect.

Elizabeth Wickson of Medical Accident Group said, “Allowing patients to simply wait on trolleys in corridors, in some instances for eight hours, is unacceptable. Thankfully for those patients who needed urgent medical attention, the inspectors acted on their own initiative and alerted staff to the needs of the patients.”

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Patients waiting at hospital due to delays Patients waiting at hospital due to delays

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