Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure Government Consultation

Many people regret having non-surgical cosmetic procedures, either because the outcome does not match the hoped-for image or because of complications. As a result, the government has brought forward an amendment to the Health and Care Act 2022 to grant the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care the power to bring into force the requirement for all non-surgical cosmetic practitioners in England to be licensed.

As part of a consultation, the government has invited people and businesses to share their views on how they believe non-surgical cosmetic procedures (which includes laser hair removal, Botox, and dermal fillers) can be made safer for consumers.

Research by Medical Accident Group found that 65% of people they polled regretted their surgery, though 28% were very happy with the results.

According to the poll, 83% of people who had had plastic surgery wouldn’t consider having any form of cosmetic procedure again.

The government scheme will ensure that people who choose to have non-surgical procedures are protected from potential harm associated with poorly performed procedures and give them confidence in the knowledge that it will be conducted to a high standard.

Ally Taft, partner at Medical Accident Group, said: “It’s interesting to see that the majority regret having undergone cosmetic surgery because they weren’t happy with the results. It is always a worry with cosmetic surgery that the image you have in your head doesn’t match the image the surgeon has in their head, or even that something could go wrong and that the surgeon would have to change your surgery to deal with any complications that arise.

“We understand that some people feel that cosmetic surgery could change their life and give them the confidence they’re perhaps lacking, but we hope the results of this study show that, just because you’re not happy with your body now, doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be happy with it once you pay a lot of money to get it changed.

“There are many risks associated with what are often major operations and, unfortunately, we see the ones that go wrong. It is important that people consider whether to go through with a procedure very carefully and carry out thorough research into their surgeon or clinic.”

Have you had surgery that went wrong, or left you long term problems?

If so, Medical Accident Group can help. We have a team of dedicated clinical negligence solicitors with experience in handling cases involving cosmetic surgery. If you believe you have a case, call the team now on 0800 050 1668 or fill in the form below.

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