Kathryn Harrison


It is incredibly rewarding assisting people during medical negligence claims, in what could potentially be the hardest period of their life, I provide the necessary support ensuring they receive a result that can help them move on.

I support clients throughout the whole process, I am always available at the end of the phone for them, whether that’s as a supportive listener or to empower them to seek compensation and what next steps they can take.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time cooking, reading, and running. I have recently run a half marathon raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and plan to run another half marathon soon, to raise money for another worthy cause.

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Discover my top tips

  • Make sure to ask plenty of questions
  • Enquire about making a claim early, waiting may mean you miss out
  • Keep a diary of events

Questions I’m frequently asked

Do you offer no win no fee?

Yes, we do

How long will a clinical negligence claim take?

Every case is different. On average, three years, but complex cases can take much longer. It greatly depends on the attitude of the defendant and the court’s timescales.

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