Surgeons performing surgery

Our nationally renowned surgery error claims experts are experienced in advising on cases relating to all forms of surgery, including those involving complications, excessive scarring and even when the incorrect surgery has taken place. We are particularly experienced in handling claims relating to incorrect dosage of anaesthetics and understand the devastating impact and permanent damage that this can cause.

What do you need to do if you you have experienced a surgery error?

A surgery error can often result in the need to have further surgery, to correct any problems. The injuries sustained can be painful – dramatically affecting your quality of life, your family’s and causing financial, as well as emotional, suffering. You can trust Medical Accident Group to be by your side, supporting you in working to secure the highest amount of compensation, as well as helping you to rebuild your life following a surgery error.

If you need answers, we can help you with writing a formal letter of complaint to the trust, to find out what went wrong. Then we will investigate your claim further and negotiate a settlement figure to compensate you for your losses and injuries.

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Surgeons performing surgery Surgeons performing surgery

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