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Medical Negligence Claims

Medical errors can have terrible consequences for patients and their families. Our specialist medical negligence solicitors can help to find out what happened and why, as well as obtaining compensation for the suffering caused.

What to do when you experience medical negligence

We all place trust in the medical profession to help us when we suffer injury or ill health, undergo an operation, or simply require basic medical care. Whilst the majority of us receive a very good standard of care, things occasionally go wrong.

Whatever your circumstances our specialist lawyers can offer advice and support on investigating medical negligence compensation claims, caused by substandard medical care and hospital accidents.

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Our medical negligence expertise

As one of the leading specialist medical negligence teams in the UK we can advise on a wide range of claims as a result of substandard medical care or hospital accidents. Our expertise includes:

  1. Surgical accidents
  2. Cerebral Palsy negligence compensation
  3. Psychiatric negligence
  4. GP mistakes
  5. Fatal injuries and inquests
  6. Locum mistakes
  7. Lack of consent and patient rights
  8. Misdiagnosis of drugs/medication errors
  9. Brain and spinal injury
  10. Orthopaedic claims
  11. Birth injury and claims involving children
  12. Gynaecological claims
  13. Cosmetic surgery negligence
  14. Dental negligence
  15. Hospital-acquired infections, such as MRSA and C Difficile
  16. Ophthalmic negligence compensation claims
  17. Claims relating to a missed or delayed cancer diagnosis
  18. Amputation

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