Sepsis claims

Working across Birmingham and the West Midlands we are recognised as one of the leading medical negligence teams, advising on claims relating to sepsis. Our expertise in this area includes claims for failure to recognise symptoms, delays in diagnosis, failure to give urgent treatment, inappropriate care and failure to consider clinical history and immune status.

What do you need to do if you want to make a claim relating to sepsis?

Sepsis can have an extensive psychological as well as physical and financial impact on patients and their families. If the sepsis has resulted in death then bereaved families may have very considerable financial needs, as well as a desire to prevent deaths such as this in the future – and our claims lawyers can help.

If you need answers, we can help you with writing a formal letter of complaint to the trust, to find out what went wrong. Then we will investigate your claim further and negotiate a settlement figure to compensate you for your losses and injuries.

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Need to know: Find out more about sepsis

Sepsis is a common and potentially life-threatening condition triggered by an infection. Meningitis is a form of sepsis. Unless it is treated quickly, it can lead to multiple organ failure and death. About 37,000 people die each year because of sepsis, though more than 100,000 people are treated for it annually. We are proud to support and work with The UK Sepsis Trust.

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