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Gynaecological Negligence And Injury Claims

Medical Accident Group includes specialist gynaecological injury lawyers, experienced in bringing claims on behalf of those affected by medical negligence. Our experience includes claims relating to hysterectomies (full or part uterus removal), salpingectomy (fallopian tube removal), myomectomy (uterine fibroid removal), oophorectomy (ovarian removal), colposcopy, abortions, failed sterilisations and other failed procedures, uterus perforation, cancer misdiagnosis and dilation & curettage (D&C).

What do you need to do if you have suffered a gynaecological injury?

Gynaecology is one of the most commonly practised areas of medicine in the UK and failure to diagnose a condition and then treat it properly, wrong treatment, and unnecessary procedures that leading to a medical injury are, unfortunately, on the increase as medical staff perform under increasing pressure.

If you need answers, we can help you with writing a formal letter of complaint to the trust, to find out what went wrong. Then we will investigate your claim further and negotiate a settlement figure to compensate you for your losses and injuries.

Find out more about making a claim, and our way of working.

Gynaecologist talking to patient at a hospital Gynaecologist talking to patient at a hospital

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