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Medical Accident Group includes some of the UK’s leading medical negligence solicitors, specialising in birth injury claims.

We understand the sensitivities and intricacies of claims relating to babies that have suffered oxygen deprivation during birth, or as a result of careless or rushed consideration of scans and reports, prolonged labour or more common antenatal problems such as preeclampsia, breech birth, or by being premature, over or underweight.

We are also experienced in handling claims relating to vaginal or perineal tears, bladder and urethra problems or injuries caused as a result of caesarean, vacuum or forceps delivery, as well as those relating to complications from surgical procedures such as hysterectomies, failed sterilisation or other gynaecological procedures.

What do you need to do if you have suffered birth injury?

If you have suffered from poor treatment during your pregnancy, during the birth or in the days after your baby was born, we can help you to make a claim and make sure that you have what you need for your family’s future.

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Need to know: A specialism in cerebral palsy claims

Cerebral palsy, which affects about one in every 400 children in the UK, links several problems which arise during pregnancy and birth – infections in early pregnancy, oxygen starvation and abnormal brain development can all result in cerebral palsy.

Each child is affected differently, and often a child’s needs change over time. There is a wide range of treatments available and if you make a claim for negligence in connection with your child’s cerebral palsy, it is important that your compensation covers the best treatments available.

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