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Medical Accident Group is known for its experience in handling fatal injury and inquest claims. Our expert lawyers have dealt with some of the highest profile cases in the UK and – across the private sector, public sector and the NHS – have been able to ensure that practices are changed forever.

What do you need to do if there has been a fatal injury?

In cases where a loved one has died by the negligence of a third party or a medical professional, or even a public body, nobody wants to see the same mistakes happen again, and certainly not with the same devastating consequences. Making a compensation claim can relieve financial pressures and help to ensure that no accidents like this happen again – demonstrating that it is not excusable to have an unsafe environment.

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Need to know: How is compensation calculated?

A pay-out you might receive will not be designed to compensate you for your loss, but to help your life return to relative normality, without any financial suffering as a result of the accident.

  • Losses for dependency often form the largest part of the damages awarded. This compensation is given to any person that was dependent on the victim’s income – most commonly a partner or children. The size of the damages vary, depending on the size of the income lost.
  • Benefits are also considered in the awarded value and can comprise of company car, pension loss and healthcare benefits.
  • Compensation for pain and suffering can be claimed following death from disease and harmful substances. This covers the suffering and pain caused during the lifetime that the victim had to live with the disease. This award is distributed in line with the victim’s will in a similar manner to the dependency award.
  • Actual losses come in the form of costs incurred for caring for the victim. This can cover a host of expenses to help the injured person live as comfortable life as they can prior to their death. Medical aids, housing alterations, funeral costs, cost of nursing care and travel costs are all included.

Administrative costs for probate and estate management fees will be covered and you can claim back the cost of the loss of services that the victim may have once provided, such as DIY and decorating.

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