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Military Claims

The Medical Accident Group understands that being in the military means you face dangerous situations on a daily basis. There are inherent risks, and people will be injured due to the nature of the role. However, the Ministry of Defence has an obligation to minimise the risk of military injuries where possible.

As a member of our armed forces, you are entitled to receive the correct training and equipment to ensure that you can perform your duties. You also have the right to be protected whilst not in a combat situation. Unfortunately, sometimes this isn’t the case. If you have suffered an avoidable injury during your service, you may be able to make a military injury claim against your employer, just the same as any other profession. Our legal experts are experienced in dealing with military claims.

Our military specialists are here to work with you to make sure you receive the highest quality advice, and we are able to take on your case on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. To speak to one of our specialist solicitors, please contact call us on +44 (0)1905 744987 or email Peter Savage.

Our specialist military injury claims team handle a large variety of claims for current and former members of our armed forces. Due to the dynamic roles within the military, there are many different reasons for injury. The most common types of claims we deal with are:

Training Accidents
A large percentage of all military injury claims involve training accidents. This can be due to neglect, lack of preparation, or even down to Cold Weather Injuries. We will look at your case individually, and assess whether procedures weren’t followed correctly or if there was any way to prevent an injury occurring.

Equipment Failures
The Ministry of Defence is responsible for protecting its employees, and this includes providing you with suitable equipment for your role, which functions as it is designed to. If you are injured due to this equipment failing or not being provided, then you may be able to claim against your employer.

Vehicle Related Incidents
As part of its role in providing employees with a safe work place, the Ministry of Defence is responsible for providing vehicles equipped for the difficult tasks the military currently take on. Unfortunately, sometimes the vehicles provided are not up to the task, and injuries occur. If you have been injured in such a vehicle, you may be entitled to make a claim for your military injury.

Road Traffic Accidents
In today’s military, Road Traffic Accidents are one of the biggest causes of injury and death to our armed forces. If you were involved in a road traffic accident, you may be entitled to make a claim, whether you were injured on or off duty.

Medical Negligence
When someone is injured in combat, it is imperative that they receive the highest level of care available to them. Through no fault of the armed forces medical staff, sometimes it is not possible to provide this level of care, which can lead to dire consequences. If you have not received the high level of care you deserve, then you may be able to make a claim.

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