Brain Injury Claims

Medical Accident Group’s expert lawyers are at the forefront of brain injury claims in the UK. Whether ‘acquired’ at birth, as a result of medical negligence or serious personal injury or whether traumatic, as the result of a criminal attack or negligence in someone’s duty of care, we have compassionate, specialist lawyers who understand your situation and will work tirelessly to pursue your claim.

What do you need to do if there has been a brain injury?

Nearly 1 million people are admitted into hospital with a form of brain or head injury every year. At Medical Accident Group we understand that severe brain injuries can have devastating consequences on a person and their families, and as a result the damages awarded can be extremely high.

If you need answers, we can help you with writing a formal letter of complaint to the trust, to find out what went wrong. Then we will investigate your claim further and negotiate a settlement figure to compensate you for your losses and injuries.

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Need to know: Specialist understanding is available

Brain injury cases are complicated – requiring specialist understanding and experience to secure the compensation deserved. At Medical Accident Group we have close links with Headway, CBIT and a number of other specialist head injury charities. We not only support them and those they help, but also work together to improve access to justice for those affected by brain injury.



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