Accidents Involving Children

Unfortunately, hundreds of children are injured every year and it can be traumatic and distressing for any family. Most children receive cuts and bruises that are part of growing up, but sometimes there are extreme cases that mean a child’s life is changed significantly or even forever. If someone has been negligent and this has resulted in your child being injured, you may be entitled to receive compensation from the party responsible.

From accidents at school or at other people’s premises your child is owed a duty of care. From road traffic accidents as a pedestrian, passenger or cyclist, someone is likely to blame for your child suffering a catastrophic injury. These accidents can have a devastating long term affect on their life and those around them. Even less serious physical injuries can have damaging psychological effects.

Our lawyers have years of experience of catastrophic injuries to children and are amongst the leading experts in the UK and provide feedback to charities and medical groups on the long term effects and circumstances that families are in. We understand the situation you are in, and provide help and support during any legal process.

The impact of any accident is usually long term and the damages awarded can be very high, and are there to make sure that you, your child, and your family can return your lives to the way they should be. Care will be sought, a new property may be needed and any technology that will assist your child will be obtained.

If your child has been the victim of a catastrophic injury, then you as a parent will act as your child’s ‘litigation friend’ and conduct the claim on their behalf. You will competently and fairly carry out the proceedings on the behalf of the child. Every decision you make will be in your son or daughter’s best interests, and will mean their life can get back on track.

The results of these accidents involving children are enormous for those affected, and at Medical Accident Group we have compassionate lawyers who understand your situation and will work tirelessly to pursue your case. In addition, we have a team of healthcare professionals who can help you understand more about the complexities of your claim. Please call our team for free on 0800 050 1668, and we will provide advice personal to you.

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