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Guiding and supporting bereaved children and young people in Worcestershire

Footsteps is a registered charity providing support for children, young people and their families in Worcestershire following the death of a parent, sibling or other significant person in their life.

It guides and supports bereaved children and young people, and helps them manage their grief. It does this by providing individual support for children and young people, workshops for families and training for people who come into contact with children during the course of their working lives.

Supporting the vital work of Footsteps

Footsteps’ mission

Footsteps’ mission is to help children and young people through the grieving process in a safe, supportive and educational environment.

Why we support Footsteps

Each year, there are an estimated 400 children and young people living in Worcestershire who are affected by the death of a significant person in their lives.

How you can help too

Get involved with Footsteps by donating, fundraising or volunteering.

Meet the Team

Peter Savage, Partner

Having started his legal career in Northern Ireland around 20 years ago, Peter has since worked in personal injury and clinical negligence. He fights for clients who have suffered significant injuries, including brain and spinal injury, fatal claims, and claims involving children. Compensation is important, but Peter also works hard to ensure his clients have all the elements of care and support they need.

Find Out More

Get involved with Footsteps by donating, fundraising or volunteering.

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