Ross woman’ suicide could have been prevented, husband claims

  • October 20, 2020
  • Marianne Pinney’s death could have been prevented if doctors had heeded warnings, her husband has said; he told hospital staff that his wife was suicidal, a Hereford inquest has heard.

    Mrs Pinney, from Ross-on-Wye, who died in July last year, aged 33, hung herself in the shower at Hereford county hospital after suffering for many months from both persistent pain from gastritis, esophagitis, historical mental health issues and depression.

    Her husband Simon told hospital staff five times in the 12 days leading to his wife’s death that she was suicidal and showed them images that she had downloaded on her phone of a hangman’s knot and instructions on how to commit suicide. She had admitted this to the hospital’s mental health team 11 days before she died.

    Hereford Coroner Mark Bricknell handed down a verdict of suicide and made no criticism of the hospital.

    Simon Pinney said: “It is beyond belief that, in spite of all the evidence which pointed to Marianne’s desperation, that the hospital knew she was at risk but did not take steps to keep her safe; they could have admitted her to a psychiatric unit, or put her on a suicide watch, but they failed to do anything significant.

    “She was in considerable and persistent pain, which she found unbearable – no-one supervised her medication and her mental health problems were largely untreated before she died.

    “I would never want anyone to suffer in the way that Marianne did, and I will do all I can to ensure that lessons are learned.”

    Sophie Keatley of Medical Accident Group, who has supported Mr Pinney, said: “We are concerned that Mr Pinney’s warnings appear not to have been heeded and we will be looking into the events leading up Mrs Pinney’s death, obtaining independent experts’ evidence.”

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