Patchy care for epilepsy and neurological conditions affecting patients

Patchy care for epilepsy and neurological conditions affecting patients

  • April 6, 2016
  • Epileptics and people with other neurological conditions in England are receiving very different care depending on where they live, a Government report has found.

    After an assessment of the neurological services available to the 4.7m people with such conditions across the country, the report from the Public Accounts Committee shows that they are treated very differently in different areas of the country.

    Emergency admissions to hospital for epilepsy cost £70m each year and are likely to be because of shortcomings in care.

    The document followed a detailed assessment of the NHS services provided to people with neurological conditions, and revealed wide variations across the country in terms of access, outcomes and patient experiences.

    The quality of epilepsy care appears to vary greatly by region, with the proportion of treated adults remaining seizure-free for 12 months reaching as high as 87 per cent in south-west Lincolnshire in 2013-14, but as low as 47 per cent in Hull and northern Manchester.

    Sian Thompson, Personal Injury Solicitor at Medical Accident Group. Call her today on a no win, no fee basis: 0800 050 1668

    Sian Thompson, Solicitor

    Sian Thompson, solicitor with Medical Accident Group, said: “Epilepsy, particularly, can respond extremely well to carefully-managed treatment, so to find that so many patients are being let down in this way is unacceptable. For one region of the country to be almost twice as good at managing this condition, and no doubt many others, is absurd. If the NHS is truly a national service, it needs to learn lessons from the best to improve the worst.”

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