Neurosurgeon Jailed For 16 Years For Sexual Abuse

  • November 19, 2014
  • Birmingham neurosurgeon Nafees Hamid has been jailed for 16 years after he was convicted of nine serious sexual offences against female patients as he pretended to examine them.

    Mr Hamid, who was based at the Queen Elizabeth and Priory hospitals in Birmingham, was convicted of the offences which he committed in 2012 and 2013. The judge who passed the sentence against Mr Hamid has said he “will never practice medicine again.”

    The jury heard how Mr Hamid encouraged women to remove their clothes and on some occasions he removed them himself with no chaperone present, and an expert witness told the jury that the practices he used were “inappropriate and medically unjustifiable”, despite the surgeon claiming they weren’t.

    During the trial Crown Advocate Aliya Rashid, who acted as a junior counsel said that Mr Hamid carried out intrusive and inappropriate examinations on vulnerable women while in a position of high trust while masking his main purpose, which was personal sexual gratification.

    Ally Taft, Senior Associate at the Medical Accident Group said: “Thankfully, these types of cases are rare, but when they occur the effects can be devastating. Victims can be left feeling helpless and scared to speak up, fearing that they won’t be believed. It can be difficult coming to terms with abuse by a professional, but we have a wide range of expertise in this area and we can help.”

    Ally has over 13 years experience where she has successfully won life-changing settlements for her clients in civil claims against doctors and hospitals. Her expertise includes cases involving sexual assaults by members of the medical profession and she was involved in two group actions leading to the Avonside Review and a Serious Critical Incident Report at St Helens Primary Care Trust. She is thoroughly passionate about her work and getting justice for those whose lives have been devastated by sexual misconduct along with considerable experience in dealing with these types of claims.

    Have you suffered due to sexual abuse?

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