Five Year Plan Aimed At Halving The UK’s High Stillbirth Rate Is Launched

  • October 23, 2014
  • Following a Panorama Special that aired earlier in October called “Born Asleep”, a five year plan has been launched in the UK which aims to halve the number of stillbirths, neonatal deaths and baby birth injuries including injuries to the brain.

    According to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists about 500 babies a year died or were left severely disabled due to complications in labour.  Midwives want to see that “lessons are learnt” from these tragic events.

    The UK currently has around 4,000 stillbirths per year (post 24 weeks of pregnancy” and roughly 40,000 miscarriages (pre 24 weeks of pregnancy that result in a hospital admission.  Some child health experts believe that smoking while pregnant increased the risk of birth complications for some mothers to be.

    Inez Brown, Clinical Negligence Solicitor

    Inez Brown

    The new initiative which is called “Each Baby Counts” aims to collect and analyse data from hospitals to try and improve future care standards.

    Inez Brown, partner at the Medical Accident Group said: “Stillbirth, neonatal death and the birth of a baby at full term but with brain injuries is life changing and are tragic events which often affect women and their families for many years.  It is encouraging that the “Each Baby Matters” campaign will aim to reduce the amount of stillbirths, neonatal deaths and birth injuries in the UK, as compared to other countries we have a shockingly high rate of these.  Increased awareness will lead to more being done to prevent these tragedies. We represent a number of parents who have experienced a stillbirth and it not surprising to note that it has such a psychological impact on the family”.

    According to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, and midwives said the campaign and initiative will go a long way towards sparing families the immense grief and stress that stillbirth and poor neonatal health outcomes have on families.

    The “Each Baby Matters” campaign five year plan is due to be rolled out in 2015.

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