Doctor is blamed for up to 833 deaths

  • June 19, 2018
  • Retired doctor, Dr Jane Barton, 69 is accused of causing the deaths of hundreds of her elderly patients while working at Gosport War Memorial Hospital by prescribing fatal doses of diamorphine, a powerful painkiller.

    In 2009 and 2013 inquests ruled that 6 out of 11 deaths were connected to Dr Barton.  The General Medical Council (“GMC”) found her guilty of “multiple instances of serious professional misconduct” and yet she was not struck off.  She was not prosecuted because, according to the Crown Prosecution Service, there was insufficient evidence.   It was not long after, that she retired.

    After the GMC hearing, Dr Barton said “I was faced with an excessive and increasing burden in trying to care for patients at the hospital.  I did the best I could for them in the circumstances.”

    One of Dr Barton’s patients, Elsie Devine, died in 1999.  Her granddaughter, Bridgette Reeves said “We would like to see Barton and the other people involved prosecuted.”

    MP Stephen Lloyd said “What went on was wicked…There has been the most enormous cover-up.”


    Amrit Dhaliwal, Associate Solicitor

    Amrit Dhaliwal of Medical Accident Group has said: for so many avoidable deaths to occur at the hands of a medical professional, who was entrusted with the safety and care of her patients, is simply intolerable”.

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