Agony after visit to Worcester dentist

  • September 2, 2019
  • Kenneth Taylor was awarded £17,500 in compensation after he was left in agony following a failed operation by Worcester dentist, Peter Osztrogonacz.


    Wisdom tooth to be removed

    During an appointment with Mr Osztrogonacz, Mr Taylor was told that one of his wisdom teeth needed to be removed because it was at ‘a funny angle’.

    During the procedure, he heard a ‘loud crack’ and hours later he was left in excruciating pain with damage to existing bridgework. Mr Taylor said following this, Mr Osztrogonacz said it was just a crown that had previously been fitted on his tooth and that there was nothing to worry about.

    Mr Taylor was then told that the procedure could not be completed, and that he would need to see a specialist.

    He then left the dentist and experienced ‘excruciating pain’. When he went back to Dr Osztrogonacz, he was told that it was normal and the pain would wear off.  A week later, the pain had not worn off and he was referred to hospital.


    Permanent nerve damage

    He returned to hospital for an appointment two months later and was told the roots of his tooth needed to be surgically extracted, and that Dr Osztrogonacz’s attempted extraction had caused permanent nerve damage.

    Analysis of his dental records had shown that Dr Osztrogonacz had failed to use reasonable skill and care when attempting to extract his tooth.

    It was found that the dentist should have referred Mr Taylor to a specialist oral surgeon instead.

    Stephanie Pincher, solicitor at Medical Accident Group, said: “This is such a shame, particularly given the fact that Mr Taylor had to endure such pain and has been left with permanent nerve damage.”


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