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Surgery Errors

Surgery can be risky for any patient, and surgeons will try to make sure that you are as safe as possible. Even so, the patient is still exposed to dangers, despite the rigorous methods and techniques that doctors learn to reduce scarring and improve healing times. Complications can occur though and sometimes because of a medical accident. Unfortunately, surgery errors occur.

Invasive surgery surrounding the organs is always complex and mistakes that lead to damage of these organs is one area of medical negligence, and could have been avoided. Doctors never undertake operations that will knowingly cause you further injury. The other most common cause of a mistake during surgery is the incorrect dosage of anaesthetics. The wrong level can have devastating affects on a patient, and leave them with permanent damage.

After a mistake in surgery, there are many things to contend with, most notably the possibility of having further surgery to correct any problems. The injuries sustained can be painful, and can dramatically affect your quality of life, but also that of your family’s. You can suffer financially as well as emotionally, and the Medical Accident Group is here to help. Our solicitors have dealt with claims of negligence during surgery and they have been able to secure the highest amount of compensation.

The results of these accidents are enormous for those affected, and at Medical Accident Group we have compassionate lawyers who understand your situation and will work tirelessly to ensure you get what you deserve, and that the compensation you receive allows you to restore your life to the way it should be. Please call our team for free on 0800 050 1668, and we will provide advice personal to you. We are more than just a law firm.

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