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Birth Injury Claims

Birth injuries

Having a baby brings great joy but also, sadly, the risk of serious medical complications, even in the UK.

Doctors, midwives and nurses are responsible for your well-being and that of your baby – badly-handled pregnancies and births can lead to problems for mother and baby, sometimes with long-term effects.

If you have suffered from poor treatment during your pregnancy, during the birth or in the days after your baby was born, we can help you to make a claim and make sure that you have what you need for your family’s future.

How can children be affected by problems around birth?

Babies can be affected by oxygen deprivation during birth, careless or rushed consideration of scans and reports, complications during their birth or more common antenatal problems such as pre-eclampsia.

Cerebral palsy, which affects about one in every 400 children in the UK, links several problems which arise during pregnancy and birth – infections in early pregnancy, oxygen starvation and abnormal brain development can all result in cerebral palsy. Each child is affected differently, and often a child’s needs change over time. There is a wide range of treatments available and if you make a claim for negligence in connection with your child’s cerebral palsy, it is important that your compensation covers the best treatments available.

Your baby can be affected by any of these factors during birth:

  • Prolonged labour or complications of delivery
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Breech or premature birth
  • Over or underweight baby

and doctors have a duty to ensure that both you and your baby are cared for properly, with no unavoidable injuries.

How can you be affected by injuries around birth?

More than 80% of women who give birth naturally will suffer some form of vaginal or perineal tear during pregnancy; these can be a serious birth injury, with long-lasting consequences, and if they are not diagnosed or treated properly, they can cause severe pain for years.
Similarly, bladder and urethra problems caused by birth may only be recognised as serious long after the birth and may be as a result of medical negligence.

Caesarean, vacuum and forceps delivery can also cause birth injuries, and while non-natural births are often medically necessary, we can help you if you suffered an injury due to clinical or surgical negligence. Complications from surgical procedures such as hysterectomies, failed sterilisation or other gynaecological procedures can also lead to a claim for negligence.

If you or your baby have been affected by the birth, call our team on 0800 050 1668, and we will advise you on your next steps.

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