Three months of pain from fractured ankle missed by doctors

  • July 20, 2018
  • An accident at work left Jack with a fractured ankle which wasn’t diagnosed by doctors for more than three months – he later had to have two operations to correct the problems the late diagnosis caused.

    He came to Fahmidah Ali of Medical Accident Group to pursue a claim for damages, and her support and advice have won him £70,500.

    Jack slipped and fell in mid-January and went to A and E complaining of bruising, swelling and pain in his right foot. No X-ray was carried out and he was diagnosed as having a soft tissue injury, which would be improved by resting and elevating his foot, and taking ibuprofen. He was advised to see a GP if it didn’t improve.

    “I was limping and in pain,” he said; “I used walls, chairs and bannisters to support me. I missed not being able to work and seeing my friends.”

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    He did seek help at his local surgery – they followed the hospital’s diagnosis too, and his condition didn’t improve – his ankle was swollen and deformed. Finally, he was correctly diagnosed at another hospital, where his fracture was identified.

    He was referred to a specialist, who told him that the fracture was healing and that surgery might not improve matters. Jack chose to have the operation anyway and his ankle was pinned back into the correct position. He developed an infection around the pins, and despite several courses of antibiotics, he had to have another operation to solve the problems.

    Jack is now left with early arthritis in his ankle and may well need further physiotherapy.

    Fahmidah said: “I’m delighted that I was able to help Jack to win justice after such a straightforward diagnosis was missed – he suffered not only the pain before the correct diagnosis and the aftereffects of two operations, but also loss of earnings and the worry of how the injury will affect the rest of his life.”

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