The Medical Accident Group’s solicitor Inez Brown helped a victim of faulty medical equipment secure compensation

  • September 23, 2014
  • The Medical Accident Group successfully won compensation for Ms I after faulty medical equipment left her with permanent pain in her hip, and the inability to complete simple daily tasks. Inez Brown secured £100,000 in damages to help Ms I carry on with her life as best she could.

    Ms I approached the Medical Accident Group for help – this is her story.

    Ms I was pregnant with her second child, and after a routine pregnancy with little complication, went to hospital after her waters broke and was close to her due date. She was soon attended to by the midwife and the birth team, and after inspecting the position of the baby, it was decided she would have an episiotomy. This is where the perineal wall receives an incision to allow for a more comfortable birth.

    Following a successful first stage labour, the stirrups on the bed were used to perform the episiotomy, and to continue the delivery of the child. Ms I noticed how uncomfortable the stirrups were and that her weight was shifting around in position on the bed. The lack of leverage on the medical equipment meant that her hip was twisting badly during labour.

    Ms I mentioned this at the time to the medical staff, but they ignored requests to help her, or allow her to change position. The local anaesthetic given to her to perform the episiotomy had dulled her senses around her hip, and it was only until the next morning that she noticed sharp aching pains around her pelvis. She thought this was just because of the birth and ignored it as best she could. Two weeks later after the pain had not subsided, she went back to the hospital where a doctor assessed her and referred her to a specialist who could perform surgery on correcting the injury caused during birth.

      How we helped

    One year on, Ms I still hadn’t received treatment, and it was only after going through the NHS complaints procedure that the surgery was finally carried out. Ms I was struggling to give her children the care they needed, and couldn’t even walk for longer than five minutes without severe pain. Ms I approached the Medical Accident Group who secured damages for the pain and suffering caused.

    The Medical Accident Group not only helped Ms I get everything financially she deserved, but they provided her with support all the way through the process. Ms I has now regained 80% use of her hip, but still struggles with some tasks, but the compensation has allowed for the purchase of a mobility scooter when it may be needed.

    Ms I came to the Medical Accident Group after the gynaecological injury.  She was given free initial advice on exactly what she needed to do, and provided with a home visit from Inez Brown to assess her needs as the client. The Medical Accident Group made all this possible for her.

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