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  • September 23, 2014
  • The Medical Accident Group successfully won compensation for Miss S and her partner after their baby was stillborn following errors by hospital staff and unnecessary distress and suffering to the parents. Our expert solicitor won compensation on behalf of the family.

    Miss S approached the Medical Accident Group for help – this is their story.

    Miss S went into hospital 3 days before her due date after experiencing pain. She was soon examined to try and discover the position of the baby, and if that was contributing to the pain, but the nurse was unable to do so. Only on the third attempt by a different nurse was the baby’s position determined, and it was discovered to be breach. In attempting to ascertain the position of the baby, the midwife deliberately broke the waters of Miss S, without informing her of the risks of doing so.

    The situation quickly escalated into an emergency as a result of the baby being upside down. A registrar managed to deliver the baby over the next half an hour up to the shoulders. It was only at this point that the delivery team called for a consultant as the need to deliver the baby quicker became more pressing. The consultant is better able to advise on such procedures that require complicated maneuvering to release the baby easily.

    Finally, after fifty minutes from the delivery of the feet, the baby’s head was delivered. There were no signs of life so the birthing team attempted resuscitation for eighteen minutes, but without success. The delay between the baby’s torso delivery and the head being delivered meant that a fatally low level of oxygen was being allowed to the baby’s brain, and it could not survive.

    How we helped

    The hospital investigation found that strict procedures should have been followed once the team recognised that it was not going to be an ordinary birth. Had this been the case, they stated that Miss S’s baby would have survived. The Medical Accident Group secured damages for the parents for suffering and loss as a result of the negligent care they received.

    The Medical Accident Group not only helped Miss S and her partner get everything financially they deserved, but they highlighted ways in which standards of care can improve, and provided them with support all the way through the process.

    Miss S and her partner came to the Medical Accident Group after the birthing negligence.  They were given free initial advice on exactly what they needed to do, and provided with a home visit to assess their needs as the client. The Medical Accident Group made all this possible for the couple.

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