Staff and system failed heart patient following routine operation in Bedford

  • July 19, 2018
  • Jane never suspected that her husband Richard would not survive the routine operation he went into Bedford Hospital for. But he suffered a heart attack, and software problems compounded by a technician’s error meant that he didn’t receive the right medication to help him to recover.

    Jane wanted to make sure that other families didn’t suffer the same loss of a husband and father and approached surgery error claims specialist Fahmidah Ali at Medical Accident Group.

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    Understanding Jane’s Claim

    Richard had gone into hospital in Bedford for an aortic aneurysm to be repaired – the operation went smoothly, but his condition worsened while he was in recovery. He was transferred to the critical care unit and treated, but had a fatal heart attack there.

    Nothing more was said until a week before his funeral, when Jane was told that there had been problems with his medication, and that an inquest would be needed.

    That revealed that the hospital’s computerised prescription service had had problems, which had been reported to the software company involved. A technician had also made an error which meant that some of Richard’s medication was not prescribed – that, the inquest confirmed, contributed to his death.

    Medical Negligence Specialist, Fahmidah Ali Explains:

    “The hospital knew that its prescription system had problems – in this case, that issue, and a mistake by a technician, contributed to her husband’s death. Coming after a routine operation, this was devastating for Jane and utterly unexpected.

    “Precautions should have been taken as soon as the software problem was known about and staff alerted to the heightened need for extra care.”

    Jane Explains The Impact Of This Case On Her Life

    “When he had gone into hospital, he had been fit, well and active and, as far as I was concerned, he was attending for a routine procedure. I had not expected that he would not survive. I appreciate the fact that the hospital has put safety measures in place – I wish they had taken these steps earlier; his death could have been prevented.

    “I hope that by going through this process, lessons can be learnt so that another family doesn’t have to go through this experience.”

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