Poor surgery after difficult birth left lasting scars

  • October 29, 2018
  • The difficult birth of her son left Sarah with lasting internal scars, after an error during her episiotomy repair meant that part of her vagina was stitched as well. She came to Sophie Keatley at Medical Accident Group to help her to seek compensation.

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    When Sarah went into hospital to have her baby, labour was progressing very slowly.  Eventually, she was taken to theatre to undergo a forceps delivery. The forceps had to be used several times to deliver the baby and as a result, the baby suffered facial injuries. Sarah also had to undergo an episiotomy which was then repaired with stitches.  She was later discharged, in some pain and discomfort.

    This continued and when she went to her GP for her six-week check, she raised the issue. On examination, the GP found that Sarah’s wound was healing well but that the opposite wall of her vagina had been stitched into it.

    More surgery needed

    She was referred to a gynaecologist and had surgery to correct the problem. This surgery went further than she had agreed to. She suffered several infections, sex was painful, she could not have a smear test because of the scarring and she feared that she would not be able to deliver another baby naturally.

    Sophie said: “Sarah was in pain for a long time, and she knew that something wasn’t right. It was quite shocking enough for her to discover that the episiotomy repair had caused such damage, but then for the corrective surgery to go further than agreed and to cause her more pain and difficulty made her situation much worse.

    “I was glad to be able to help her to hold the hospital to account – she received £15,000 in compensation, which I hope will make her and her family’s life easier.”

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