Patient left with memory loss and depression after medical failures

  • July 20, 2018
  • Sara suffered a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage, which should always be treated immediately. It was eventually spotted two weeks – on her third visit to hospital. On that visit, she finally had a CT scan, in spite of her warning doctors earlier that her family had been advised to have such scans regularly because of their family history.

    Doctors’ failure to spot that Sara had suffered the potentially fatal bleed on her brain at two separate hospital visits left her with depression, memory loss and needing speech therapy – she sought help from surgery error claims specialist Sophie Keatley at Medical Accident Group.

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    Understanding Sara’s Claim

    Sara, who has sickle cell anaemia, first suffered bad headaches in early April. Painkillers had no effect on them and the next day she lost consciousness and was briefly blind.

    When she arrived in hospital that evening, she advised staff that, because her sister had previously suffered a cerebral aneurysm, the family had been advised to have regular CT scans. No such scan was carried out.

    She went home but went to another hospital the next evening as the headache, along with nausea and vomiting, had not improved. Discharged again, she then also started to suffer pain down her back and in her legs.

    This continued for several days and Sara’s health deteriorated again so that she was taken to hospital again.

    She finally had a CT scan, MRI and lumbar puncture which confirmed that she had suffered the haemorrhage. She was treated in King’s College Hospital in a four-hour brain operation.

    Medical Negligence Specialist, Sophie Keatley Explains:

    “I was glad that we were able to support her through her claim – this has had a real impact on her life. Her symptoms were typical of this kind of haemorrhage and should have been picked up by doctors earlier – a CT scan would have identified the problem two weeks earlier.”

    Sara Explains The Impact Of This Error And Claim

    “I suffered memory loss after the operation. I have been referred for speech and language therapy as I have acquired dysgraphia – difficulty writing – and difficulty in communicating. I have mood swings as I get so frustrated when I can’t remember where I have put anything. I have been feeling tearful since this happened, particularly as I nearly died. All of this could have been avoided.

    “When I came to Medical Accident Group I was distraught – and in need of help. Sophie helped me to rebuild my life. She offered clear advice and sensitivity, as well as a practical plan for bringing a claim and securing compensation. This has gone towards the treatment I’ve needed, as well as supporting me while I can’t work. I can’t thank her enough for her help.”

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