The Medical Accident Group secured compensation for a wife and her family after incorrect procedures during a cancer diagnosis

  • October 3, 2014
  • The Medical Accident Group successfully won compensation for Mrs L and her family after poor procedures during a cancer diagnosis led to a rapid deterioration in her health. Her family suffered during the process and had to endure months of stress not knowing what was happening. We secured damages to help Mrs L and her family not have to worry about work during the tough months.

    Mrs L approached the Medical Accident Group for help – this is her story.

    Mrs L was seeing her GP regularly, but started to show signs of a bladder infection during one visit and enquired to the doctor. Her GP suggested she came back in two weeks if the symptoms had not cleared up. They got worse and upon visiting her GP the second time, he referred her to specialist at a hospital with what could be the onset on bladder cancer.

    Three months later, there was no contact from the hospital, and after speaking with her GP, they discovered the hospital had simply forgotten to fulfill the referral and carry out the necessary procedures. A second referral was given and a full six months later there was still no contact or appointment for Mrs L. Without wanting to pester the hospital a second time, she attended a clinic that arranged the appointment for her.

    Twelve months on she finally received diagnosis of bladder cancer, and that it had become aggressive and spread to other areas of her body. Mrs L underwent major surgery and procedures to try and stop the cancer spreading. By this time, the cancer was too far advanced and it became inoperable.

    How we helped

    Mrs L and her family went through a traumatic experience that could have been prevented had it been for the correct procedures being in place at the hospital. Mrs L and her family approached the Medical Accident Group who secured compensation for the pain and suffering caused.

    The Medical Accident Group not only helped Mrs L get everything financially she and her family deserved, but they provided her with support all the way through the process. Mrs L is now housebound and is cared for daily by her family who have been with her all the way through the process.

    Mrs L came to the Medical Accident Group after the cancer diagnosis.  She was given free initial advice on exactly what she needed to do, and provided with a home visit to assess her needs as the client. The Medical Accident Group made all this possible for her.

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