The Medical Accident Group secured compensation after an incorrect surgery left the patient with long term pain

  • October 3, 2014
  • The Medical Accident Group successfully won compensation for Mr L after a surgeon made errors during a hip procedure and it left him with pain for a year that meant a loss of earnings and quality of life. We secured damages to help Mr L cover the costs he incurred not working and the pain he suffered.

    Mr L approached the Medical Accident Group for help – this is his story.

    Mr L worked as a roofer for most of his life, and lived a relatively healthy lifestyle that occasionally included playing football. After an accident at work one day where Mr L fell off a two-storey roof, he badly damaged his hip and was rushed to hospital immediately. The doctor’s assessing him decided he needed surgery as soon as possible to correct what may turn into long-term damage.

    The next day Mr L was told that the surgery he was going to have was not risky, and fairly routine for that surgeon and involved putting pins into the hip to secure the joints from moving or shattering again. While in a lot of pain, Mr L was happy after being told the use of his hip would go back to 95% of what it was.

    After a long surgery, the surgeon came to see Mr L and go through the x-rays of the procedure, post operation. While looking at them, the surgeon noticed something and looked confused and left the room. A short while later, a nurse arrived and briefed Mr L of the things he needed to do to help the hip heal, and that it may not be fully functioning for another six months. Even after this time, Mr L still felt a lot of pain and severely lacked movement in his hip.

    When Mr L visited another specialist, he was told that the pins had been inserted incorrectly and that they should have shown up on the x-ray post operation. He needed a further two operations and because of the months spent making the problem worse, Mr L is unable to gain half of the movement he should have in his hip.

    How we helped

    Mr L went through a traumatic experience that could have been prevented had it been for the correct reporting procedures and accountability of the surgeon taking place. Mr L has been unable to return to work as a roofer, but thanks to the Medical Accident Group he has been able to get back his life as best he can.

    The Medical Accident Group not only helped Mr L get everything financially he deserved to compensate him for his loss of earnings and pain suffered, he was provided with support all the way through the process. Mr L is now working regularly in IT, and still watches sport regularly.

    Mr L came to the Medical Accident Group after the surgical accident. He was given free initial advice on exactly what he needed to do, and provided with a home visit to assess his needs as the client. The Medical Accident Group made all this possible for him.

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